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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

when we fers met ..

well.. first of all.. know him .. his name is Mohd Azlan . born on 27 February .. this guy is from Papar .. woohhoo.. the best part is his BRUNEI man !!!! hehehe.. don't get me wrong.. i love him the way he just are.. not because he's Brunei people .. huhu.. idk y but seriously im gettin' into Brunei people .. huhu.. and thanx to Allah i've got this man !! my BRUNEI MAN ! huhu.. well.. he's an Immigration Officer .. and i'm proud of that .. works at Tawau Airport now. he's such a great guy .. he always say YES to me .. and i love it of course .. uhuhu.. always be patient to my annoying stupid(kadang2) action .. haha.. well he's got Orange MyV but gonna turn turn to black.. it .. be truth i don't really like that orange colour bebeh ..huhu.. sorry.. :P but i still love sama kau bha !

and i present to you MY MAN ! MR MOHD AZLAN !! wohhooooo (big cheers from me ..wkwkw)

i am really into this guy.. he teach me so much about life .. hmm..the best part i love from him is .. wlau mcm mna dya susah .. klu org mnta tulung ngan dya .. aduyaii dya usaha juga maw tulung tu urang... sometimes aq x kasi sbb dya sndri pun ada mslh .. why should bantu urang kan.. hmm.. kadang2 tnpa s'pengetahuan aq dya p tulung juga itu urang..aduyaii..syg syg.. i wish i could help you with that.. you are truly my sunshine syg .. huhu.. kadang2 org sllu mess up sma dya.. tp dya .. APA ! dya SABAR sejja !! hmm kadang2 tu m'bebel2 juga dya la cm Mak Joyah.. tp cute ne law dya meluah..huhu..saya sukaa!! hayy laa syg.. kau la cinta mati ku..huhu .. dun leave me please.. hehe...

Story about us begins here ..
pada suatu hari .. WAH ! trip fairytale lagi kunuk..huhu.. hmm celly pada suatu masa dahulu ,, ada picnic d taman Bukit Tawau (org tawau pnggil "tabble" ntah napa) .. we met there .. idk la if dya single o not time we still have no connection there la.. kira kami blum knl la.. than bbrapa arey kmudian after the picnic my mommy's friend tell my mom and my mom tell me that he wanna merry me.. wahahaha.. what a great word i got to listen there .. well after that , i think i wanna explore what kind of guy he is .. after a few days i was on a trip to KK .. there suddenly i feel like i want to "kacau2" him.. hahaha.. then i cri num dya at my mum phone.. then of course i got it laa.. i ordy know his name apa..ahaha.. time i call him.. dya ckp dya tgh fishing.. hahaha.. i guess la kan..maybe dya ktawa berabes kan..sbb time i kacau dya..huh !! ayat2 ku.. kin malu kali ..hahaha..

kami texting camni:
me: Azlan ka dix?
him: yup.. who's dx (dlm cmni la me igt2 msg dya hahaha..)
me: a person name CINTA..
him: Bunga Cinta Lestari ka ( well.. he makes me giggle..bcoz it is Citra not Cinta.. haha..)

hmm.. i dont really remember what's the texting about after that.. huhu..sorry ! tp yg me igt.. i call him .. and we talk of course.. then .. isytihar la aq sbgai adek agkt dya.. huhu.. we often call and text .. hhuhu.. i remember how exited i am when i listen to his voice and receiving sms from him..haha (gatal me :P)

after a few weeks .. ada somekind of dinner dibuat di Perdana Club(Sin Onn) .. my mom has invited , and she brought me and my sis.. well.. that day .. i la plak yg invite him.. hmm.. first .. dya refuse .. but i keep asking tahap forcing kali ya..hahaha..smpai la dya dtg .. and finally he show up !! i love you la "ABANG".. hehehee.. that night i impressed him with my voice(sa nyanyi la bha) .. haha lagu dangdut(Goyang Inul joo) .. then i datang gila p invite dya nyanyi with me .. argghhhh .. i remember our first song (My Heart -Irwansyah feat Acha) damn is so romantic that night.. huhu.. so happy there !!
*lain crita sa famous oo d sna after that..hahahahaha...jk !

after that dinner.. i went home.. then we texting lagii .. texting punya texting ,, datang my GATAL p gelar myself "AYANG" huhu.. well.. he kind of accepting there... huhu..Syukur .. after that i bagi dya dx kind of text (LOVE YOU , MISS YOU , MMWAAH) ... hahaha.. yg sa lucu sna kan dya balas gne (LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU TOO "LAH JUGAK" ,, MWAH "LA JUGAK") Ya Allah ! gerigitan sndri aq kesukaan..hahahaha..

after that berputixx la LOVE kami until now 2011 .. 4 years together i admit is not easy as swallowing a food.. so many challenge on this relationship.. but Alhamdulillah we can manage it together and stay strong until now.. Thanx to Allah kerana masih bagi kami peluang untuk bersama.. and i harap we still be together until we die .. Amin.

upgrade on this relationship for 4 years is : from abang ayang kan pigi mamy dady .. dari mamy dady p mna .. PAPA MAMA.. smpai skrg..huhu...

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